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Kucher's wine cellar- wine degustation parlour

The walkable wine card...

Open the door to KUCHER'S KREUZGEWÖLBE WEINKELLER; which was built in 1990 and invites you to gape over the world of wines, the 20000 bottles that date back to 1870. Searching for the better wine, that lies undiscovered in a bottle and waits for you to enjoy, we have tasted many wines for you. Either at a vinter, the expert committee, friends or the trade fair Pro wine in Dusseldorf, nothing was too much for us! We have discovered names, that are not only business for us, but also true friends.

We have inspired exceptional producers to separate special wines and bottling it under our home brand KUCHER'S SELECTION "MAGMA".


For years on end we have collected experiences, joy and per mille like others have stamps and therefore a puffier pectoral than Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes, we do enjoy looking back to our start in 1988; but we prefer to look forward to our future. There are many ideas to materialise, vintners to discover and wines to taste. Not only is it our mission but also our passion that we are dedicated to. Because if someone has been a shrink, host and seducer simultaneously, it was the wine. The thoughts we share with it pay tribute to all the crown jewels that are enthroned in the vaults of KUCHER'S COUNTRY HOTEL and write their history.

To all the vintners - the pioneers, revoluzzers and luminaries of the wine scene - that provice us with the liquid gold and care for filled glases. But especially to our wine drinkers: without YOU there would be no US.

On that note have fun discovering our wines and especially while drinking them.

Your wine friend Martin Kucher
Sommeliere of the year 2011


What you also should know:

Upon consultation you can visit our cross- and treasury vault. Mr. Kucher will provide you with interesting wine tastings in our cross vaults. Inspiring and delightful, with a variety of informations. He will tell you where the wine grows, which types of grapes there are, which terroir and climate is ideal, the quality levels, the difference between red- and white wine and Oechslegrade. Mr. Kucher is adviser, wine tour guide and vanguard - to discover, shop and enjoy. He will lighten your meeting with wine and proofs that tasting is more important than studying. AN EXPERIENCE!
Wine tasting is only available upon consultation (price 28,50€ per person).

Several KUCHER'S WINE EVENINGS - Darscheider wine talks during the year with a variety of topics. Beginners are always welcome! You can find dates in the event calendar or the internet.

You are looking for a present for a loving person?
Maybe a coupon for a KUCHER'S WINE EVENING would be ideal.
We would gladly send you one.

Wine present and service: we can provide you with several young and older vintages in the fields of wine, armagnac, cognac, port wine, madeira, whiskey, calvados for anniversaries, round birthdays, weddings, silver- and golden weddings, company formations and many more occasions.

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